Bengaluru Bus Life.

One thing that i am proud about my city (apart from the weather, of course) is it’s most efficient public transportation. The BMTC buses are used by all kinds of people in the city – from students to techies for their everyday commute. In a day, BMTC operates on 583 city and 1785 sub urban routes, running 13 lakhs kilometers and making 79445 trips!

When I learnt that each one of us (from the Urban Bengaluru team) would work on a photography project with urban Bengaluru as the main background, I immediately thought about documenting the lives of the buses and everything that it makes up for. One bus is like a living entity in itself – with people stepping in and stepping out, a hundred stops in between the major stops, honks, breaks, tickets, drivers and conductors, the view outside the windows, the view inside the windows, etc.

I had almost 3 days to capture everything that I saw. On the first day, I discussed the idea with Fabian, who helped me in conceptualizing different kinds of shots. He told me to cover the bus drivers and conductors too, as they make up the team who are responsible for each trip. Over the week, I traveled extensively in all kinds of buses (Pushpak, Suvarna, Vajra, Big 10) across the city. The following are some of the images from the collection. (hover through each image for the captions)

Images from this project will be showcased at the Urban Bengaluru exhibition at Jaaga on the 16’th (7pm onwards) to 24’th April.

Update: I will be presenting this theme at the Global Pecha Kucha presentation on the 16’th!

Behind the scenes/etc facebook album.



3 thoughts on “Bengaluru Bus Life.

  1. I liked the first, the driver posing, and the old man, photos very much. With the poor kids in public buses, you could have also tried to show rich kids in posh school buses and uniforms. As contrast, or something. (Just something I thought up of while observing buses.)

    Also, I had once written a story about a boy in a wrong school bus, never published it. Will do soon though.

  2. awesome photos…one of the best ways that uve shown bangalore in..!!! good pics especially the ones from bangalore market ..!! grt work :)

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